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I believe that we are not just a sum of all the organs and organ systems put together. So the conventional reductionist approach of healthcare is rather pointless. We are all individualistic unique blend of our mind, body and spirits with our own special compositions. Our anatomies and physiologies might match but our responses to external environment (food, society, lifestyle, climate) are very different. Thus, when we talk about one person’s good health its very specific to that very person. Helping you find and heal your perfect relationship with your body and mind  is what I do the best.

My approach is holistic and based on the principles of Ayurveda

First things first is the non judgemental realization of the interdependence among one’s biological, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Having said that, my holistic approach includes communication, consultation, diet and lifestyle guidance, Ayurvedic herbs, self-cleansing and detox techniques, meditation, etc.

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  • “Not only is Dr. Maitri an amazing Ayurvedic doctor with great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with her were most inspirational.  I always left with a sense of confidence that I could do anything!”
    Emily, Singapore
  • “I really like that it wasn’t about telling me what I should or had to do or when or how to do it, but more about providing all kinds of information to help me make the best decisions for me”
    Wendy, USA
  • I owe my life to you Doctor !! Thank you so much for the difference you made in my life. Your kindness and concern make everything restored and are a great encouragement. Every day of my life became better because of you. I have always been able to talk to you, be it on menopause or the current pandemic situation or my emotional condition and got my problems resolved and the way you counsel, brought the transformation in me. Always felt that I got the best possible treatment and owe my life to you. Your diagnosis and recommended treatment are so precise that would not ever consider changing doctors.
    Shreedevi Pillai, Ankleshwar, India
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015, when I was trying for conception. I was distressed literally hopeless after taking long allopathy medical course. I used to experience lot of pain during my menstrual cycles as well. After lots of study on various forums I decided to take Ayurvedic course. From a close friend of mine I get to know about Dr. Maitri. She has spent lot of time in analyzing my health problem and suggested lots of diet changes along with small courses of Ayurvedic medicines. She advised me to take 3 months course along with dietary changes. After 2 months itself I was able to notice difference in my medical condition and with Gods grace got conceived in 3rd month itself. If you are facing similar medical problem I would definitely recommend you to see to Dr. Maitri. Thanks
    Poonam Dahiya, Melbourne, Australia
  • I was just 30 when I was diagnosed with oesophagus valve malfunctioning.Due to which I used to suffer from vomiting and headache every other day. I had other issues too like chronic acidity problem, weakness and pain in muscles of shoulder and back region. Dr.Maitri with her accurate diagnosis and treatment helped me to recover from my ailments within 6 months. She always gave a proper guidance regarding misconceptions for several diseases and provided proper support throughout the treatment.She possesses a deep knowledge and passion for Ayurveda which makes the treatment effective.She prescribes all standard and herbal ayurvedic medicines which do not have any adverse effects.
    Smriti Samnani, Kharar, Punjab
  • I would highly recommend treatment from Dr. Maitri. She is one of the best ayurvedic doctor that i have come across. I was going through health issues related with PCOD and she helped me recover 90% of my problem. Now my skin is pimple free and I am getting periods regularly on time.. She gives the best guidance that you may be looking for..
    Shweta Bambia, Noida, Delhi NCR

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