I understand that Health is as important as wealth and happiness. I help you achieve the same

About me

As an Ayurveda expert, I help you unlock the health and happiness within you

…and that’s exactly what I will do with you!

Think about this- Do you have energy and physical stamina throughout the day or there are things that you want to do but can’t do because you feel tired and fatigued?

I guess at some point or the other most of us goes through this phase. But what’s not normal is accepting this state as a normal state. I know this because everyone I have worked with has overcome this phase chronic lethargy and found new levels of energy!

Dr Maitri Nagar

Ayurveda Doctor, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Expert

My Working Style

Knowledge- Ayurveda is a very vast life science. Since October-2003, I have been studying it and I will be a life-long Ayurveda student. Equipped with knowledge, logic, scientific reasoning, dedication, action and responsibility I approach my every patient. The most suitable treatment can be handed out when the Physician has the complete knowledge about causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment (which pacifies the symptoms, cures the disease from its roots and prevents recurrence of disease). 

Experience- I started my own Ayurveda practice in January 2010. Since then I have seen hundreds of patients through in-person, phone, email and video consultation. Every instance has been a very important value addition to my experience yet I approach every new patient with the feverish enthusiasm of a first case. 

Efficiency- At any given time I have many patients under my care. Yet, I do not discriminate and give my best to each and every person.

Honesty- I am here to work with you and not against you. Withholding the best possible treatment from you would harm the whole concept of treatment. Your good health is our success. So starting from initial diagnosis to expected results and your expectations- Honesty is our best interests and that is what we provide.

Confidentiality- Any discussion or consultation involving your case will be conducted discreetly and that individuals, not involved in direct care, will not be present/will not be privy to information without permission of the patient.

About Ayurveda

“We are what we are” But who are we? What are our best attributes? What ails us and why? What makes us unique? What is good for us and what is not? The answer to all these questions lies in Ayurveda !!!

Ayurveda is a science of life. Not of health, not of illness but the entire living. From formation of universe to consciousness, conception up-to demise, beginning of the day to ending it, drinking water to edible foods, herbs and poisons, minerals and animal products. All the knowledge of the cosmos, which concerns with healthy living is Ayurveda. (आयुर्वेद= आयुः + वेद= knowledge of life) So, it has texts and knowledge on all topics from philosophy, quantum physics,  medicine, lifestyle, psychology, astrology, etc.


Work with us!

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