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As an Ayurvedic doctor, I see you as a whole person with mind, body and soul. I don’t see you as a patient with disease but rather why the disease chose you and how I can help you heal completely. The journey begins with pulse diagnosis- I use the science of Nadi pariksha to determine your uniqueness and your physical, physiological, bio-chemical nature. So the consultation concentrates on targeted interventions in form of nutrition and diet changes, herbal supplementation, lifestyle changes tailored specially for you.

It’s really simple. You can just fill this form with the questions you have and I can recommend best further approach for you.

Online consultation

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We have experienced that no matter where on the globe you are located; we can consult via Audio, video, email or in-person consultation. Before your consultation you will fill out a detailed online questionnaire designed by the Dr. Maitri that gives her the necessary information to understand your prakruti and vikruti from the Ayurvedic perspective and to determine the root cause and solution for your health problems. Our unique consultation program is designed in such a way that it can be followed from across the globe. The appointments can happen over skype/facetime/phone as per your convenience.

You can also sign-up for one-one Ayurveda learning or Group workshops to become your own doctor awaken the healer within you

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