"I have been taking treatment from Dr. Maitri Nagar for the last few years. It initially started with treatment for a simple acne problem.Dr. Nagar  diligently administered the medicines and constantly followed up on my progress. Although I lived in Pune and Dr. Nagar was in Gujarat her diagnostic over the phone was so accurate that it gave me quick and expected results within a very short period of time.
Recently I had to again seek Dr Maitri's advice on a thyroid related problem. Due to geographical complications I could not meet her in person and therefore had to explain the problem over the phone. Dr. Nagar's dependable treatment once again did wonders for me and today my situation has improvement three fold as compared to the state in which I first sought medical treatment.
I am very impressed with Dr. Nagar's abilities to quickly and perfectly diagnose the problem.  A Doctor with thorough medical knowledge, who is caring and takes time to treat the whole person !
 I would recommend her to all my friends and family members. "
Dipti Deshmane


I was diagnosed with PCOS three years back when I was trying for conception. I was distressed literally hopeless after taking long allopathy medical course. I used to experience lot of pain during my menstrual cycles as well. After lots of study on various forums I decided to take Ayurvedic course. From a close friend of mine I get to know about Dr. Maitri. She has spent lot of time in analyzing my health problem and suggested lots of diet changes along with small courses of Ayurvedic medicines. She advised me to take 3 months course along with dietary changes. After 2 months itself I was able to notice difference in my medical condition and with Gods grace got conceived in 3rd month itself. If you are facing similar medical problem I would definitely recommend you to see to Dr. Maitri.
Poonam Dhaiya


Dr Maitri is awesome !! My back ache vanished in couple of weeks of treatment.
Mayank Agarwal
Senior Developer, Sapient


Thank you for getting my health back on track despite late working hours and Dubai lifestyle.
Lukesh Seth
Architect, UAE


Ayurveda life has helped me in so many ways starting from curing my chronic acidity problem to cervical pain. Dr. Maitri is my health consultant and she with her quick diagnosis and excellent skills helped me tremendously by curing my health issues.
IT Consultant, UAE



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