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Savya Sachi Ayurveda is a unique facility where we help you find the best alternative health solution which is tailor-made according to Individual’s needs. Any Age, Gender, Nationality, Profession- Human body is a single entity that can be divided in multiple manner. We understand your body and health issues in a fundamental manner and provide the health solutions with Ayurveda, Yoga and other alternative health sciences.




Dr. Maitri Nagar-Agarwal, founder and director of the reputed Savya Sachi Ayurveda, is a top ranked BAMS graduate from Gujarat University. She has further honed her skills as Yoga instructor, Pachkarma (body cleansing and detox) specialist, Nadiparikshak (pulse reader) as well as Diet & Nutrition expert. Her combined passion for Healthcare and Reading makes her knowledge on modern-day Ayurveda quite broad.


She has worked for past many years with successful medical institutions such as Earth Hospital as an all India level consultant and trainer as well as she has served NGOs such as Government aided Chetna RRC for Women and Child health. She has appeared on some of the popular television channels like Sahara Network and Care World as a Sr. Ayurveda Medical practitioner.

With her holistic and customized approach she has won trust of hundreds of patients all over Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi NCR.

She has successfully treated patients with chronic disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis, musculo-skeletal anomalies, cholesterol, asthma, migraine, skin and hair issues, and gynecological disorders. Also, many individual patients and corporate entities that were trapped in increasing modern day syndrome of Occupational and Lifestyle disorders are getting benefited from her consultation.

With her extensive experience, she has witnessed clear advantages of natural medicines in effective elimination of chronic disorders from its root cause without any side effects. Likewise, to build the gap between modern conventional medicines and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda holds a promising future as she foresees. Her vision is to create a pioneering institute and carve a niche in Healthcare, by reaching out to all individuals seeking treatment as well as desiring to stay fit and live long healthy life.